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Sometimes when I'm on my skates I truly get lost in my music!!!!  With my trusty #Thunderstick in my hands and Angus and Malcolm crankin' in my Bose earbuds the blizzards, the freezing cold, the wind or rain don't stop me. I have always told my friends that the weather only adds to the ambiance of skating outside.

 If the weather gets extreme like it has for most of the skates I have done across Canada I hope it encourages more people to donate to there favorite charity. I have been able to combine the two things I truly love to do and that is skating and crankin' my music in my earbuds. 

When I signed the documents for my mother to be put in a long term care facility that was one of the toughest days of my life and there were so many difficult days to follow. Every time I left my mom after visiting I would get in my truck and crank it to 11 and yes it was always ACDC . It was my solitude, my happy place.   When I found out that  Malcolm Young of the band was sick with dementia I made it my personal musical tribute to the Young family each time I skated to listen to only  ACDC the entire time.  their  music gave me the energy I needed to keep going on the ice. ACDC helped me personally get threw all the really "ruff" days. THANKS to ANGUS and the boys.

I only 

listen to ACDC