OH Canada I skate on guard for thee

National Skate Day for All Charities

I have had the Honour of traveling across Canada twice and skating 35 times in some of the coolest places in our country. Starting in January 2024 the second Saturday each year from coast to coast will be National Skate Day for all charities where every day Canadians can be part of the charity of there choice in there own community 

You can host a community skating party in your community with the involvement from local minor hockey teams. local company's radio stations and TV. You and your family can hold your own skating party on your backyard rink * on a frozen lake * the pond on your farm                                                                                                           

By taking part in National Skate Day for all charities Canadians can ensure that every penny stays in their community supporting your local charities in each region.  You don't have to skate to take part in National Skate Day for all charities  you can support your local charity by donating $19.26  and by sharing this on your social media platforms. you can just go out and skate and post it at #1926skate or #1926skate and donate $19.26 to your local charity of choice.